The project manager for DIER's Ferry Road upgrade program, Andy van Emmerik, today announced the 3-lane option as their preferred solution. Some residents have expressed dismay that the latest plans introduce parking areas on the south side of the road. These areas encroach on residential properties and have not previously been mentioned during any public consultation.

The DIER announcement said:

We would like to inform you that after various technical investigations and with significant stakeholder input, a preferred upgrade option (Option 1 – 3 Lanes) for Ferry Main Road has been identified. The preferred option will allow the efficient management of ferry traffic through a solution which can also be used for parking outside of peak ferry times.

A display showing the preferred concept design is available for viewing at the following locations in Kettering:

  • Mermaid Café  79 Ferry Road
  • Kettering Community Hall  2963 Channel Highway

The display is also available on the Department’s website which also includes contact details for anyone wishing to enquire further about the project.