At their 19 December meeting, Kingborough Councillors unanimously endorsed a recommendation to build a new pedestrian footpath along the western side of the Channel Highway at Kettering. The proposed concrete footpath is part of the Kettering Recreational Walkway Plan  which was drafted in 2010 and received in-principle support by Councillors at the December meeting.

The footpath will run between Saddle Road to Selby Road and will be set back from the highway to provide safer pedestrian access and the opportunity for street-scaping with suitable plants. Construction is expected to be complete by the end of March 2012.

The decision to proceed with construction follows a lengthy gestation period. In the second quarter of 2009 representatives of the then Kettering and Oyster Cove Residents (KOCRES) group commenced discussions with Kingborough Council to improve the standard of street-scaping and pedestrian amenity along the Channel Highway.

This concept evolved into a project to define and build a pedestrian-friendly village centre with all weather paths, plantings, and street-scaping inter-connecting the several discrete areas of Kettering.

At the November 2009 meeting of Kingborough Council a decision was taken as part of the endorsement of the Ferry Road and Little Oyster Cove Precinct Plan that Council “supports in-principle the concept of a boardwalk/pedestrian path on the northern side of Ferry Road and requests that the matter be further investigated and reported to Council”. A report was prepared for the March 2010 meeting of Council. This report recommended that $5,000 be set aside to develop a Kettering Recreational Walkway Plan during the 2010/2011 financial year.

With support from the Kettering Community Association and Friends of Kettering groups, Elspeth Haughie, co-ordinator of the Heart Foundation sponsored Kettering Walkers Group has been a key figure in lobbying Council to implement the recommendations of the plan.

Expressing delight at the Council decision she said “It's great news but it's only the start”.

Next on her agenda are:

  • a new footpath along the Channel Highway from Selby's Road to the Ferry Road intersection;
  • proper access to the Oyster Cove Marina — which will include new bridge – from the Kettering Oval Walk;
  • extension of track from Kettering Point to Trial Bay;
  • new signage at Trial Bay indicating the Kettering Point Track; and,
  • a proper pathway from Trial Bay back to Kettering along the Channel Highway.

Elspeth set out this plan at a recent meeting between the representatives of the Kettering Community Association and Council official's including General Manager, Paul West.

“I told the meeting that I want a circular walk around Kettering which will show all aspects of our village and provide views of our fantastic scenery.  I did mention that I was not leaving till it was done!”

We believe you Elspeth!