A community working bee on 14 January saw the culmination of a year-long project to upgrade the Kettering Oval Walking Track. A small army of volunteers, comprised of 14 members of the Lions Club of Kingborough together with 18 locals representing the Kettering Community Association(KCA), Kettering Walkers and Friends of Kettering, finished off the job.

Elspeth Haughie, co-ordinator of the Heart Foundation Kettering Walkers and instigator of the track project is delighted and said “Kettering can now be proud of having a safe, flat walking track — suitable for those with mobility issues and walkers of all fitness levels — and it complies with Heart Foundation walking standards. Thanks to all the volunteers who were just great!”

Earthmoving equipment and operators were provided (at 'mates' rates) by Lion's Club member Rob Batchelor of Batchelor Civil Contracting. Rob provided a 5-ton excavator which scraped out the track, and a bobcat which, loaded a small mountain of red gravel onto trailers. The gravel was then dispersed and spread by the volunteers using trailers, barrows, shovels, rakes and lots of hard work.

Morning tea and BBQ lunch was provided by both Lions club and the KCA ladies.

A great community effort demonstrating what can be achieved with commitment and persistence.

KCA Treasurer, Sue Hoyle, said  “KCA wishes to publicly record their appreciation to Kingborough Council for their tremendous support in making this track a reality – Council not only allocated the $5000 grant to fund the project, but also provided an additional truck load of gravel.   We were also fortunate this week, to have one of the Council staff here with a roller to go over the track and provide a better surface finish for what is an important part of  the much needed pedestrian linkages in Kettering”.

For a summary of the project milestones click here.

And here's a map which shows where the newly completed track goes:

Aerial view and map of the Kettering Oval Walking Track