The Kettering Community Association is seeking support from residents to lobby DIER to address problems with the sewerage plant installed last year.  The project, part of an $8.0m commitment to upgrade Ferry Road, cost the state government in the order of $1.4m.  Construction was completed in August last year but the plant is still not operational.  To read the KCA notice issued to residents click here.

According to DIER's project timetable a development application will be lodged for the Ferry Road upgrades in May 2012.  Construction is expected to commence in March 2013 and be completed during 2013/2014. 

DIER has requested a guarantee from Council that their contractors would not encounter wastewater (effluent) run-off from residential properties during the works (refer page 12 of  agenda for Council's Environment and Development Committee 16 April 2012) . 

Council has inspected  twenty-seven wastewater systems along Ferry Road and identified six deficient systems.  The owners of the deficient systems have been advised that they must rectify any shortcomings through upgrade of ageing septic systems or replacement with more efficient aerated wastewater treatment systems.  Council expects all system upgrades to be completed by September 2012.

Over the past two decades DIER has consistently stated that they would not undertake any upgrades to Ferry Road until sewerage problems were recitifed.  This stance led to a recommendation in the Ferry Road and Little Oyster Cove Precinct Plan – 2009 (5Mb PDF) to construct a fully reticulated sewerage system for Ferry Road.  Page 7 and 15 of that report made specific mention of 6 properties that could not be satisfactorily upgraded! The government did not follow through on that recommendation, choosing instead to install a system to service only the Ferry Terminal and the Oyster Cove Inn/Marina.