Crikey Dot Ken Issue 182

KCA Working Bee makes the local media (click to enlarge)

Earlier this year the Kettering Community Association were successful in an application to Kingborough Council for a grant of $4,970 to fund upgrades to the Kettering Point Walking Track.

On Saturday, 10 November 2012 a team of local volunteers set to work.  The project co-ordinator  and former Deputy Chair of KCA, Eric Baldwin, subsequently sent out a “thank you” email, the text of which is attached below.

Hello to all the track helpers, your assistance yesterday was nothing short of magnificent, we laid 24 tonnes of red gravel in just a little over 4 hours. Fantastic! Thank you all for a great effort.
As you all know there is a little more to do so I propose having another shot at it on the Saturday the 8th Of December, same time, same place, all welcome.

The working bee attracted the attention of  local doyen of the fifth estate – author, racontuer and bon vivant,  Ken White – resulting in a glowing report in today’s edition of his always thought-provoking Crikey Dot Ken (click to subscribe) newsletter.