Christina Hay reports that the Kettering Community Association Christmas Party, held on the evening of 5 December at the Oyster Cove Inn, was enjoyed by 25 revellers.All talking, very noisy, a merry  gathering – a most successful night.

KCA Christmas Party 2012

KCA Christmas 2012 at the Oyster Cove Inn

Regretfully no photos were taken (surprise, surprise Christina).  But we did have Xmas bon bons and  streamer crackers!   Picton gave a short speech thanking all for attending, welcoming  four new residents who have been members  for a few months and two residents who are friends with us all….and who we hope will join next year. Picton thanked the   members  for their participation in our activities, successful working bees on our tracks  and  support  throughout the year.

As we have achieved considerable success, we look forward to progressing the improvements to Kettering next year.

Everyone enjoyed the food at the hotel  and departed  after wishing Happy Christmas  all round.