Miriam Imms reports that the Kettering Church, along with other Channel churches, will be lighted from 6.00 pm to 9.30 pm over Easter on Thursday 28th, Friday 29th, and Saturday 30th March as a token of awe to the tremendous history changing events of that first Easter.

The local Kettering Church will also be open for anyone who would like to rest a while, meditate or be in devotion to some glorious music from Libera (Thursday), music from Iona Abbey, Scotland (Friday) and Welsh Men’s choirs or Maranatha Colours (Saturday). Come and go as you like and think again on this most significant life, death and resurrection. Reclaim your heritage!

The next Combined Churches celebration to be held in the Kettering Church will be on Sunday April 7th at 9.30 am, and be led by Channel Anglicans and Rev Julie Kelly. Any and all most welcome.

Enquiries : Miriam or Robert Imms on 62674547