There is much activity at the Oyster Cove Marina. Over the past two weeks a large hill, affectionately know as Mount Boustead after the man who created it, has rapidly disappeared.  It’s made way for a new expanded hard-stand area.

Oyyster Cove Marina - new hardstand takes shape

From mountain to molehills

Between 2008 and 2011, Phil Boustead and his team of trusty diggers dredged out a vast amount of earth from the bed of Little Oyster Cove. This formed a veritable mountain of spoil to the north of the marina. This work was all part of an ambitious and logistically-challenging project to turn his marina into a state-of-the-art facility.

Following approval of a development application in 2007 most of the on-water work has now been completed and the modernisation project is entering its final stages.  A development application has been lodged with Kingborough Council seeking some changes to the layout of the originally-approved shore-based facilities.  Click here to view the DA ( Note: This is a 7Mb PDF).  Closing date for representations to Council is 4 April 2013.

Kettering can quite rightly feel proud of this wonderful marina and the added amenity it provides to those attracted by the boating delights of the D’Entrecastreaux Channel.

Most people would consider having a mountain named after them to be something of a tribute. You’d think Phil Boustead might be tempted to sit back and gaze at it.

But for this tenacious, resourceful, former potato farmer from Victoria moving mountains is all in a day’s work.