Kettering Walkers Co-ordinator, Elspeth Haughie, reports that the plans to complete the footpath along the Channel Highway from Saddle Road to Ferry Road are well advanced.

DIER Minister O'Byrne - Channel Highway Kettering

Minister assesses pedestrian risks

For the past three years Elspeth has been lobbying Council and DIER to provide a safe pedestrian footpath along the Channel Highway.  In December 2011 Kingborough Council approved a recommendation to construct a concrete footpath between Saddle Road and Selby Road.  The footpath was constructed in May 2012.

Prior to that, in March last year, Kettering Walkers invited DIER Minister David O’Byrne to take a first hand look at the dangers to pedestrians along the busy highway. Discussions then took place between Council and DIER suggesting that a footpath be included in the Ferry Road upgrade project. In November 2012 David O’Byrne wrote to confirm funding arrangements.

Elspeth recently spoke to DIER’s Ferry Road Upgrade Project Manager Adrian Payne. He advised that the off-road section from Oxleys Road to Corby Road had already been surveyed and that the remainder from Corby Road to Selby Road would be surveyed this month.  Both sections are included in the concept plans for the Ferry Road upgrade.

This new pathway will join the footpath planned for the southern side of Ferry Road.

“Great news and a happy ending” said Elspeth.

“I would like to thank Kettering Walkers, the Kettering Community Association, Friends of Kettering, Kristine Ancher and Ian Holloway from Council, and DIER, for their support in getting to this stage”.

“The final chapter of the Kettering Recreational Walkway Plan should soon be complete and all walkers will be safe”.