Local volunteers were busy last week working to complete Stage 1 of a three-stage project to upgrade the Kettering Point Walking Track and extend the track around the headland to Trial Bay. Project co-ordinator, Eric Baldwin, said he was delighted with the result.

In 2012 the Kettering Community Association succesfully applied for a grant from Kingborough Council and received $4,970 for materials to upgrade the walking track from the eastern end of Ferry Road to Kettering Point. In December last year, local volunteers worked to improve the track and shifted 12 tonnes of gravel to make the track safer and more accessible.

Last week’s working bees were spread over three days and volunteers contributed a total of 72 person hours. They were only prevented from finishing the job when foul weather intervened.  After cleaning up the track and removing fallen branches the volunteers installed timber boarding along the downhill water-side of the track.  Further gravel was brought in to level off the track.  The small amount of re-gravelling still to be done will be completed as soon as weather permits.

For many years a rough, informal track has existed from Kettering Point to Trial Bay.  This track was established several years ago by volunteers of the Kettering Coastcare/Landcare Group.  A number of locals have had a hand in helping keep this track passable over the years.

Upgrading this track in the remaining two stages of this overall project will result in the formally-recognised Channel Panorama Track being included in Kingborough Council’s Tracks and Trails booklet. (Click image below to view enlarged plan).

Trial Bay Track set to become a reality later this year

Plans for the walking track to Trial Bay

Stage 1 of the project has involved upgrading the Kettering Point Track.  This work is largely compete as described above.

Stage 2 will be undertaken as part of a Community Volunteers Australia project commencing 17 June 2013 and running for one week.  It will involve some re-routing of the track, benching and installation of a culvert to deal with run-off from a dam.

Stage 3 involves re-cutting the track closer to the waterfront is funded in Council’s 2013/14 budget.

Once completed new signage will be installed at both the Ferry Road and Trial Bay ends of the track.

In progressing this project the  Kettering Community Assocation is very much appreciative of the grant funding provided by Kingborough Council and the support received from Council staff as well as the many volunteers who have given their time to assist in the work completed to date.