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The road to Bruny Island

Despite a frantic election campaign, Premier Lara Giddings found time to attend a public meeting at Kettering yesterday evening.  The meeting was organised by the Kettering Community Association. As well as the unexpected appearance by the Premier, a good turn out of locals was pleased to welcome Kingborough Councillors Grace, McGinniss and Wass (in his capacity as acting Mayor).

An update on the status of the Ferry Road upgrade project was provided by DIER’s Manager, Stakeholder Engagement Unit, Graeme Nibbs.  Kingborough Council’s Deputy General Manager, Tony Ferrier, provided a Council perspective.

Graeme Nibbs has undertaken to get back to KCA to confirm the answers to any questions on which he was not 100% certain.  In the meantime here is a summary of issues raised:

  • Mid May is confirmed as the project completion date.
  • A traffic management plan will be instituted for Easter this year.
  • The footpath from the Ferry Road/Channel Highway to Selby Road is confirmed as forming part of the project.
  • DIER will look into provided a safety island for pedestrians crossing the Channel Highway.
  • The concrete retaining walls are to have steel mesh safety railing fitted.
  • The parking lane on the north side of Ferry Road has a 350mm kerb and gutter.  A 750mm gravel verge will provide some space for alighting passengers to manouevre.
  • The parking lane will have signs indicating parking is to be limited to 12 hours.  These signs will fold down at peak periods to indicate no standing.
  • A suggestion was made that the parking lane from the ferry terminal marshalling area back to the public wharf should be marked no standing at any time.
  • It was noted that DIER had agreed to extend the stone rock wall to replace the wall made from retired Aurora poles beteen Norm Cairns’ and Ron Smith’s jetties.  A request was made for DIER to consult on the shape and location of this wall.
  • Clr. Grace raised the issue of inadequate public toilets.  It was pointed out that a new toilet block had been a recommended in the Ferry Road and Little Oyster Cove Precinct Plan 2009.  Premier Giddings indicated she would look into this if Labor was still in government after 15 March.  The Liberals made a similar undertaking in a recent Kingborough Chronicle article.
  • A query was raised about the stormwater outlet to the east of Kettering Yacht Club.  This needs to be directed into the bay in such a way as to still allow a foreshore walking track.
  • Concerns was expressed about some spindly trees which have been left near the entrance to the public wharf.  See also this article.
  • There was somewhat inconclusive discussion about how the banks on the southern side of the road would be maintained.  This should be a Council responsibility but the schedule for maintenance is yet to be agreed.  It was pointed out that if the banks had been finished with retaining walls then costly ongoing maintenance would be avoided.
  • Concerns were express about erosion from the battered banks and seepage of effluent into the open drains and thence to the bay.