Nominations for the 2011 Kingborough Council elections closed yesterday. Voting will be conducted between 11 October and 10am 25 October. There are 16 candidates for six vacant positions. Five of the candidates (Julian Bush, Fiona Buchan, Flora Fox,  Roger McGinniss and Donna Sommerville) where elected in 2007 and are currently sitting Councillors seeking re-election. Peter Lindsay is the only Councillor whose term is up who is not  standing.

David Grace is contesting the position of Mayor with incumbent Mayor, Graham Bury. There are five other councillors (Bush, Fox, McGinniss, Nolan and Sommerville) challenging Steve Wass for his Deputy Mayor position.

The links set out below are for those candidates who have made campaign material available on-line.

Several candidates will be attending the meeting to be held at the Kettering Community Hall commencing 7pm on 6 October.  Members of the public will be able to find out what the candidates stand for and ask questions.  Click here for details.

For more information on how local government elections work click here.