The Heart Foundation's Kettering Walkers Group have been at it again. A poem relating the group's adventure on the East Cloudy Bay Track, penned by walking co-ordinator, Elspeth Haughie, features in an article in the 8 November edition of the Kingborough Chronicle.

Ten Kettering Walkers went further afield one day,
On the ferry – across the Channel – down to Cloudy Bay.
The East Cloudy Head Track, begins along a pristine sandy beach,
With white crested waves, rolling in beyond our reach.
After three kilometres we found the narrow track – and wound our way up and up,
Thru’ carpeted floral heathland – with lizards, dragons and a cute echidna pup.
We lunched at the top, where the Trig Point in metres read 292,
And marvelled at the scenic beauty of the 360 degree view.
Dolorite cliffs and waterways below – Hartz Ranges and the Friars ahead,
And two mating sea eagles – flying peacefully overhead.
We all had such a magic day – and thank Heart Foundation Walking
For keeping us healthy – to walk the 14 kilometres – and still do talking!