The General Manager's report to the Council Meeting of 23 January notes that the government will not fund underground power as part of the Ferry Road Upgrade Project. A response from the Premier advises that she supports the response previously provided by Minister O’Byrne insomuch as underground power will not be included in the scope of the Ferry Road project, unless Council itself can provide the necessary funding.

The General Manager reports that:

A response has been received from the Premier, Lara Giddings MP responding to Council’s request for consideration to be given to providing funds to underground the power on Ferry Road, Kettering as part of the
upgrading works proposed.

Council’s resolution at its meeting on 24 October 2011 was :

That Council:

(a) advise the Premier of Tasmania of its disappointment of the Minister of Infrastructure’s decision (as conveyed in his letter to Council dated 31 August 2011) of not approving the Department of Infrastructure and Energy Resources (DIER) to undertake the undergrounding of overhead power lines as part of the reconstruction works at Ferry Road, Kettering;

(b) request the Premier to consider the provision of funding for the undergrounding of power as part of the Ferry Road reconstruction project in view of the following:

(i) Kingborough Council provided land at Alonnah for no consideration when requested by Health Services for the building of a Health Centre;
(ii) Kingborough Council purchased land at market value from the Margate Primary School, to allow the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Channel Highway and Beach Road, Margate (the roundabout is DIER’s preferred treatment option at this intersection);
(iii) DIER and Kingborough Council each agreed to allocate $700,000 to design and construct Channel Highway and Beach Road roundabout at Margate. Total preliminary design has been completed by Kingborough Council and has resulted in an estimated total cost of $400,000. This is a savings to DIER of $500,000;
(iv) Ferry Road, Kettering is a tourist Gateway to Bruny Island, and as such maybe suitable for consideration by Aurora under their Special Area Policy (areas of significance) which offers a subsidisation of infrastructure costs, should DIER make application to complete underground power supply works;
(v) State Government and Kingborough Council have co-operatively worked on other unbudgeted capital works programs in the past where it has been demonstrated to provide long term community benefit;
(vi) This is an example of such long term community benefit that also enhances a tourists experience to the  region.