Test your local geography skills. Based on the following questions can you guess where ten  Kettering Walkers went for a walk?

(Answers at the bottom of the page.)

A Bay

Question 1:

Where were we after climbing to the top of a rocky bluff; scanning a beautiful 270° vista from Cape Raul and Tasman Island to Fluted Cape, then across the Channel to the Hartz Ranges with a glimpse of Adamsons peak?

Another Bay

Question 2:

Where were we when we were watching a frolicking seal ride the surf ?  Hint: Walking along a pristine sandy beach between two rocky capes,with sand dunes on one side and  aqua blue sea capped with  fluorescent white surf on the other.

Steep Bit

Question 3:

Where were we when we were finally clambering up 100 meters to a rocky cairn to look down on stately dolerite pillars encasing foaming watery gorges; watching sea eagles swooping overhead and between the rocky formations?

Rocky Cairn

Once again we had a great day; great company, great scenery, great weather.

And once again we thank Heart Foundation Walking for encouraging us to  keep fit, keep healthy and enjoy life!

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  • Total time taken . . . . . 4 hours 10 minutes
  • Total walking time . . . . 3 hours
  • Total distance walked . . .13.2 kms
  • Average pace . . . . . . . 4.4 km/h
  • Average age of walkers . . 65 years (!)

Quiz Answers:

We were on Bruny Island.

  1. Mars Bluff
  2. Miles Beach
  3. Cape Queen Elizabeth

Click here for map of the walk.