David O’Byrne, Minister for DIER (et al), has advised that the Ferry Road upgrade program will include the cost of building a footpath from the Ferry Road/Channel Highway intersection to link up with the footpath which currently ends at Selby Road.

On March 30 this year the Minister met with representatives of the Kettering Walkers and Kingborough Council to see first hand the parlous state of pedestrian access along the Channel Highway.  Click here to read a report on that visit.

On 2 November the Minister wrote to the Kettering Walkers organiser, Elspeth Haughie with some good news.  DIER are to include funding for Channel Highway footpaths in the Ferry Road Upgrade Project.  The following are quotes from the Minister’s letter.

. . .we have previously discussed the inclusion of a new footpath in the works proposed for the upgrade of Ferry Main Road, which already includes a new footpath from the Channel Highway intersection with Ferry Main Road to Corby Road.

The Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER) Transport Infrastructure Services Division has now included the footpath from Corby Road to Selby Road as part of the Ferry Main Road Upgrade Project.

A Development Application for Ferry Main Road has been submitted to Kingborough Council and DIER is currently awaiting Council’s consideration of the application before proceeding to final design.  Please note, however, that the preliminary designs provided to Council do not show the Corby Road to Selby Road footpath as at the time of submitting the application a design for the footpath had not been prepared.

Once approval of the Development Application is received from Council, preparation of the final detailed design of the Ferry Main Road works will commence and this will include the footpath from Corby Road to Selby Road.

The additional footpath would normally constitute a minor amendment to any Council Permit.