Safer Speed Demonstration Signs

Will these signs soon be a thng of the past?

The Kingborough Safer Speed Demonstration was commenced in September 2007.

In September this year Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne  announced an initiative under the Safer Roads:  Non-Urban Road Network Strategy to consider the reduction of speed limits in current 100km/h zones to 90km/h.

As part of the consultation process, councils are required to nominate roads that they consider to be suitable to retain the 100km/h limit.  As a result, Council is seeking the community’s input into which roads it considers to be suitable for the 100km/h limit to be retained.

All suggestions or questions regarding the initiative can be directed to or Council’s Engineering Services Department on 6211 8161.

A Legislative Council Select Committee has been formed to look into Rural Road Speed Limits.  The terms of reference are quite broad: to inquire into and report upon the issue of the Government’s proposed rural road speed limit reduction from 100km/h on sealed roads and the potential impacts/benefits on the communities; and any other matters incidental thereto.

Last year the RACT campaigned vigorously against a blanket approach to reducing rural speed limits.  The motoring organisation is now conducting a survey to provide input for a submission to the Legislative Council Committee.  Submissions  to the Committee close on Friday 18 January 2013.

Click here to complete the RACT Survey.