A Kingborough Council committee has recommended up to $65,000 be spent replacing the dilapidated and ageing timber pedestrian bridge linking the Kettering Oval Track with the Oyster Cove Marina.

Oxleys Creek Pedestrian Bridge, Kettering Tasmania

Soon to be replaced pedestrian bridge over Oxleys Creek

Over a year ago the Kettering Community Association established a sub-committee to look into ways to replace the bridge which forms a key part of the network of tracks and walkways around Kettering. The sub-committee was chaired by Kettering Walkers’ Co-ordinator, Elspeth Haughie.

Elspeth was joined by husband Ray and KCA Treasurer, Sue Hoyle. The team set out to raise funds for the project through a series of grant applications.

They worked closely with Council, Oyster Cove Marina owner, Phil Boustead, and a number of construction firms. Plans were drawn and estimates made, but despite their best efforts the grant applications were unsuccessful.

Undeterred, Elspeth took the plea for funding direct to Council armed with material from the grant submissions and letters of support from KCA, Kettering Walkers and Friends of Kettering.

Funding for the bridge was discussed at the 14 March 2013 meeting of Kingborough Council’s Infrastructure and Recreation Committeee. Click here (1.3Mb PDF) to view the supporting material for the agenda item. The following motion was carried unanimously by the committee:

That it be recommended to Council that the report of the General Manager be received and that:

  • Council allocate up to $65,000 from the Kettering Public Open Space Account for the construction of a pedestrian bridge between the Kettering Oval reserve and the Kettering Marina/foreshore; and
  • Development and building application fees be waived.

On hearing news of the Committee’s decision Elspeth expressed delight and said “This is a great result. I want to thank my hard-working sub-committee members, Kettering residents who lent their support, Phil Boustead, Council engineers and staff and the local construction firms who contributed to helping us develop the proposal.  Sue Hoyle was tireless in formulating and typing up the grant submissions“.

Chair of KCA, Picton Hay, applauded the outcome and praised Elspeth’s commitment and perseverance noting “I almost got writer’s cramp from signing all the grant applications and letters Elspeth and her team generated“.