For many years there has been an informal track from Kettering Point to Trial Bay.  This has now been upgraded and provides a very pleasant walk with magnificent views of the Channel and Bruny Island.

In mid-June this year we reported that plans for the upgrade of the track destined to become the Channel Panorama Track were well under way and that the section from the Ferry Terminal to Kettering Point was largely complete.

Shortly thereafter a team from Community Volunteers Australia (CVA), joined by a few  locals and Council track workers completed Stage 2.  This involved widening a little over half of the original track and adding much-needed drainage.  This stage was jointly funded by the Kettering Community Association and Kingborough Council.

Further works were undertaken during October by a CVA team in conjunction with Council track workers.  This involved re-routing, reforming and widening  the remaining parts of the track and adding further drainage.  Kingborough Council fully funded this stage.  A new entrance to the track at Trial Bay adds the finishing touch.

A new set of steps at Kettering Point adds to the safety of the walk and once updated signage is added the project will be complete.

Below are some recent photographs of the track, courtesy of  Kettering Walkers group members Ray and Elspeth Haughie (click images to enlarge):

This project has been a fine exampe of co-operative effort between the local community and Kingborough Council.  It has resulted in a very pretty and safe walk suitable for all ages and abilities.

There is no doubt it will be well used and is a great asset for the residents of Kettering and visitors to this beautiful area.

From the Ferry terminal the round trip to Kettering Point takes around 20 minutes; depending on how long you spend soaking up the view at the Point.  Onward from the Point to Trial Bay adds around 30 minutes to the round trip.

People who are familiar with the original rough track will be pleased to know that the new track  no longer hugs property fence lines.  Towards Trial Bay it has been re-cut  much closer to the water;  enjoy the sound of waves as you walk.  Don’t forget the camera!

The Kettering Community Association is extremely grateful to all those people who have contributed to the success of this project and would particularly like to acknowledge the work of  CVA and Council’s Johannes May and his track worker team.  Special thanks to Kingborough Council for the cash grant of $5,000 which got the ball rolling.