Kettering Concerts sign at the Community Hall

First concert for 2014

The following article is reproduced from the Kingborough Chronicle of 18 February 2014.

Kettering Concerts, part of the Channel Regional Arts Group (CRAG) is starting its 2014 concert series on Sunday, March 2, at the Kettering Community Hall, Channel Highway, Kettering.The ensemble Musica Dolce, with Victoria Burley (harpsichord), Alan Greenless (bassoon), Llewellyn Cartwright (recorders) and Don Cartwright (recorder and oboe) will be performing a varied programme of chamber music from Baroque to modern, including a composition by Tasmanian composer Don Kay, Summer Music, which they commissioned back in 2007.

Musica Dolce formed in 1999 and has given more than 60 concerts since then, mostly in Hobart but also in Cygnet, Orford, Burnie, Swansea and Launceston. They specialise in Baroque wind music with basso continuo, using period instruments, all based on surviving instruments of the time, and sounding a semitone lower than today’s instruments. Baroque music offers many challenges to today’s performers, including working out correct tempi, articulation, dynamics and ornamentation, none of which are written in the music, but all of which must be added in the appropriate style. This is the challenge and Musica Dolce’s reward. Victoria Burley lectured in keyboard at the Tasmanian Conservatorium and is wellknown as a performer and accompanist. Alan Greenlees began as a professional oboist with the Elizabethan Trust Orchestra before joining the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra where he played oboe for 25 years, but has always considered himself to be a bassoonist who happened to play the oboe.

Don Cartwright was a professional oboist, playing in various orchestras including the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Canberra Symphony Orchestra and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. He was also a bandmaster in the Australian Regular Army for a number of years. Llewellyn Negrin studied music at Sydney University. She learnt the piano, viola and classical guitar but her first love is the recorder, which she has played since the age of nine.

Tickets can be purchased at the door on March, 2, with the event starting at 3pm.

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