Spindly gum trees on Ferry Road, Kettering

Spared the arborists axe

After removing almost all the trees on the water side of Ferry Road as part of the current upgrade project, DIER appear to have spared four unlikely survivors from a small copse of ten spindly gum trees adjacent to the entrance to the public wharf at Kettering.

But is this a good thing?

One of the trees was damaged in the recent storm and the others have been stripped of the majority of their lower limbs.  Two of them straddle a powerline and constitute a potential fire hazard.

Eucalyptus Ovata or not, one would have to think that even the most desperate swift parrots would be hard pressed to find these remnants an appealing breeding ground.

Kingborough Council have been asked to review whether these ugly relics should remain or be replaced as part of the overall Ferry Road landscaping plan.