Alan and Heather Gluyas with Targa Tasmania TSD Trophy

Winners are Grinners

Congratulations to Kettering couple Alan and Heather Gluyas for their win the TSD Trophy in this year’s Targa Tasmania Rally.

In one of the most keenly fought and competitive sections of this year’s Targa, they took out the title in their 2012 Toyota 86 GTS.

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The following article originally appeared in the Huon News of 29 April.

Alan and Heather Gluyas Targa 2015

Team Gluyas

Targa Tasmania’s 24th event began Monday in Launceston and will make its way to Hobart on Friday night, then through the Channel and Huon Valley on Saturday.
Alan and Heather Gluyas from Kettering, are competing in the TSD Trophy competition with their 2012 Toyota 86 GTS.
TSD stands for Time, Speed and Distance.
This competition is reserved for vehicles manufactured up to the first day of competition of that event.
Roll cages are not mandatory, but highly recommended, so Alan and Heather have taken precautions and created a cage into their car.
TSD Trophies will be awarded to first, second and third place winners, and competitors will follow the same course and will include the same Targa stages as the overall competition and Targa Tasmania Plates will be awarded to all finishers who complete every stage at this event.
In TSD competitions, the competitors are only allowed to go a certain speed during different sections of the course.
For example, during the part of the race through Longley, the drivers have to average a speed of 90kph.
Throughout the whole race, they cannot go below 30kph or above 130kph.
Alan is the main driver for the races, while Heather is in the passenger seat as the navigator.
The navigator is giving directions and notifying the driver of road conditions, how tight the turns are and the speed limits.
Alan said the TSD is a very strategic division and they had to put together a well-developed strategy.
“It is easy to makes a mistake, go off the road or break something,” said Alan.
“And that is when you lose big points.
“It is all about how each navigator and driver manager the course.”
Alan has been interested in fast cars and motor sport all his life, and when they moved to Tasmania four years ago, Alan participated in a racing event with his friends in Perth that took him all around the state.
“The event took me to places in Tasmania I had never seen before,” said Alan.
“Afterwards, I immediately rang Heather and said we have to compete in something like this.”
Alan and Heather have been competing in Targa Tasmania since 2012 and said the competition has been different each year.
In 2013, they took sixth place in the TSD Division and in 2014 they took third place.
In February 2015, Alan and Heather competed in Targa Hellyer Gorge and took first place, so they are hoping to do well and aiming to be on the podium after this week’s race.

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Results – TSD Trophy Targa 2015

1. Alan Gluyas / Heather Gluyas, 2012 Toyota 86 GTS, 92 points

2. Jordan Bridge / Debbie Bridge, 2004 Subaru WRX STI, 166ointts

3. Darryl Marshall / Andrew Marshall, 2002 Ford Falcon Ute, 224points