Kettering Community Hall

Kettering Community Hall

The agenda papers for Kingborough Council’s Infrastructure and Recreational Services Committee meeting to be held on 14 May indicate that Kettering Community Association’s persistent lobbying, to have the hall car park sealed, may soon bear fruit.

An amount of $20,000 was included in Council’s 2014/15 capital works program but deferred to 2015/16.

It now appears that the cost of sealing the car park has been estimated at $270,000.

A recommendation before the Infrastructure and Recreational Services Committee proposes sealing be done in two stages with $130,000 being allocated in the 2015/16 capital works program.

The capital works budget for 2015/16 totals $5.8m of which only 6% is available for “discretionary” items.

The car park sealing is one of  only five projects out of eleven being recommended for funding.

A copy of the relevant agenda item is available here (86Kb PDF).