Elspeth Haughie with Oxleys Creek replacement bridge under construction

Elspeth and the Bridge

Manufacture of the replacement bridge linking the Kettering Oval Track and Oyster Cove Marina is due to to be completed next week.  Installation will proceed in the near future.

Funding for the replacement bridge was approved by Council in March 2013 so it will be great to see the upgrade finally completed.

Part of project involves the construction of a shallow gradient access ramp on the north side of Oxleys Creek.  Construction of this ramp will require some large scale excavation equipment and Council have advised that the contractor will need to wait until the ground in that area has dried out somewhat.  In the meantime Council plans to clean out rubbish and fallen dead willow trees from the Creek so that this debris does not represent a risk to the new bridge in any future flood situation.  The willow trees are to be removed and burnt on-site.

An extract of the engineering drawings for the bridge can be viewed here (750Kb PDF – 2 pages).

Kettering gets new bridge over Oxleys Creek

Sturdy with a capital ‘S’!

In other news, plans have been finalised for upgrading the walking track on the Ferry Road foreshore immediately to the east of the Kettering Yacht Club. A copy of the plans is available for download here (600Kb PDF).  Work on this upgrade will commence in the near future.