Oxleys Creek Bridge - Official Opening

The ribbon cutting ceremony

The newly-installed bridge linking the Kettering Oval Track to the Oyster Cove Marina was officially opened this morning.

Kettering Heart Foundation Walkers co-oordinator, Elspeth Haughie and Kingborough Council’s Urban Planner, Kristine Ancher wielded the scissors. They were flanked by Oyster Cove Marina owner, Phil Boustead together with Kingborough’s Asset Management Engineer, Andrew Coombe and Surveyor, Brian Wood – all of whom have played a significant part in bringing this long term project to fruition.

Oxleys Creek Pedestrian Bridge Kettering

The original bridge circa 1980

The old bridge, built by community volunteers almost three decades ago, featured on the front cover of the Kettering Recreational Walkway Plan 2010 (2Mb PDF).  It was recognised then as being a critical part of the Walkway Plan and in desperate need of upgrade.

In 2011 a Sub-committee of the Kettering Community Association was established to pursue implementation of the recommendations in the Walkway Plan.

Over the next three years the Sub-committee was successful in applying for a number of grants which were used to upgrade the Kettering Oval Track, the Kettering Point Track and the extension of the Kettering Point Track round to Trial Bay.

Oxleys Creek Bridge 2015

The new bridge

A footpath along the Channel Highway between Selby and Saddle Roads followed.

The Oxleys Creek Bridge was the subject of two unsuccessful Tasmanian Community Grant applications in 2012.  The following year Council was approached to fund the replacement bridge from the Kettering Open Space Fund.

In 2014, and funded as part of the State Government’s Ferry Road upgrade, a footpath was built between the end of Ferry Road through to Rada Road and then on to join the Selby to Saddle Road footpath.

Kristine Ancher and her streetscaping trees

Kingborough Council’s Urban Planner, Kristine Ancher with one of her Crab Apples

In Autumn 2014 a series a tree plantings (Crab Apples and Ornamental Pears) completed the street-scaping along the Channel Highway.

In April 2015, Andrew Coombe, took over as the Kingborough Engineer in charge of the Oxleys Bridge project and the bridge was finally completed in mid-September 2015.

The official opening of the bridge brings to a conclusion the implementation of the Kettering Recreational Walkway Plan.

This milestone could not have been reached without the efforts of the Kettering Community Association Walkway Sub-committee and the perseverance and tenacity of Elspeth a Ray Haughie who never lost sight of the end goal.

It takes co-operation, patience and energy to successfully finish a project like this one.  A lot of people have been involved and in addition to those mentioned above, special thanks are owed to the Kettering Walkers, Kristine Ancher, Ian Holloway and Andrew Coombe from Council, Ann and Phil Boustead from the Oyster Cove Marina and local engineering company Cawthorn Welding who did a great job fabricating the bridge.

Click on images below recorded at the official opening ceremony.