Bushfire Awareness

Kettering is located in a bushfire-prone area.  The risk of bushfire, especially during the hotter summer months, is real and potentially life-threatening. All residents should have an up to date Bushfire Survival Plan.

Tasmanian Fire Service

The TFS website is the definitive source of information regarding bushfire prevention and survival and contains a wealth of reference information.  Click here to view.

Channel Volunteer Fire Brigade

The local brigade is made up entirely of volunteers.  For more information click here.

Community Bushfire Protection Plan

The latest edition of the plan for Kettering and Woodbridge (including Oyster Cove and Birch’s Bay) can be found on this page.

Emergency Warnings

The TFS uses a range of emergency warning mechanisms.

“Emergency Alert”  is a phone-based alerting system for informing the general public of the imminent impact of an emergency. This may include an emergency involving a fire, flood or any circumstance managed by Tasmanian emergency services.  It can be used to send messages by text and recorded voice to mobile and land line phones. More information can be found on this website.  Be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions.  In particular please note:

Whether emergency services decide to issue telephone warnings through Emergency Alert will depend on the nature of the incident.

Emergency Alert is not used in all circumstances. In an emergency you should use a range of information sources and check them continuously to stay aware of local conditions. These information sources may include radio, television and state or territory emergency services websites.

You should not wait to receive a warning message before you act.

Note that “cordless” phones which rely on a powered base station will not work if the power is cut. The same applies to Internet-based telephony services such as those typically provided as part of an NBN Fixed Wireless connection.  A hard-wired landline phone will continue to work, assuming the local telephone exchange is still operational.

All current bushfire incidents are listed on the TFS website. Community alerts are available via an RSS feedTwitter  and Facebook.

Given the risk of loss of electrical power during bushfire incidents a battery powered portable radio is essential.  During major incidents ABC local radio (AM 936 Hobart) will broadcast information alerts and advisory messages every 15 minutes and will be preceded by a Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS).


Community Fireguard Groups

These groups have been established to ensure that residents in specific neighbourhoods assist in alerting their neighbours to an emergency.

There are 11 Community Fireguard Groups in the Kettering coving the following areas:

  • Manuka Road/Wilsons Road to Ferryview
  • Ferryview to Middle Manuka
  • Middle Manuka to  Mathinna Road
  • Impara Drive/Nicholls Rivulet
  • Watsons Road
  • Saddle Road (3 groups)
  • Rada, Groombridges and Oxley Roads.

If you wish to join an existing Community Fireguard Group or establish a new one in your area then please contact Val Brown on 6267 4881