The Kettering Community Association is seeking support from residents to lobby DIER to address problems with the sewerage plant installed last year.  The project, part of an $8.0m commitment to upgrade Ferry Road, cost the state government in the order of $1.4m.  Construction was completed in August last year but the plant is still not operational.  To read the KCA notice issued to residents click here.

According to DIER's project timetable a development application will be lodged for the Ferry Road upgrades in May 2012.  Construction is expected to commence in March 2013 and be completed during 2013/2014. 

DIER has requested a guarantee from Council that their contractors would not encounter wastewater (effluent) run-off from residential properties during the works (refer page 12 of  agenda for Council's Environment and Development Committee 16 April 2012) . 

Council has inspected  twenty-seven wastewater systems along Ferry Road and identified six deficient systems.  The owners of the deficient systems have been advised that they must rectify any shortcomings through upgrade of ageing septic systems or replacement with more efficient aerated wastewater treatment systems.  Council expects all system upgrades to be completed by September 2012.

Over the past two decades DIER has consistently stated that they would not undertake any upgrades to Ferry Road until sewerage problems were recitifed.  This stance led to a recommendation in the Ferry Road and Little Oyster Cove Precinct Plan – 2009 (5Mb PDF) to construct a fully reticulated sewerage system for Ferry Road.  Page 7 and 15 of that report made specific mention of 6 properties that could not be satisfactorily upgraded! The government did not follow through on that recommendation, choosing instead to install a system to service only the Ferry Terminal and the Oyster Cove Inn/Marina.

Kingborough Council has developed a new Rates and Charges Policy and is seeking community comment. Submissions should be delivered to the General Manager, Kingborough Council Civic Centre, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston 7050 by Friday, 6 July 2012.

The policy is available from the Civic Centre, by contacting Customer Services on (03) 6211 8200, or can be downloaded here.



The Kettering Oval Track is out of commission.  Recent heavy rains have washed away a significant amount of gravel and made sections of the track unsafe.

Kettering Oval track to the east of the Community Hall - temporary closure

Kettering Oval track washaway

Community volunteers who worked hard to secure a grant from Council and to construct this track are understandably gutted.  Council officials have undertaken to repair the track as soon as possible and to improve drainage to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Council has commenced work on a new footpath to run from Saddle Road to Selby Road. 

Construction starts of Channel Highway footpath

At their 19 December meeting, Kingborough Councillors unanimously endorsed a recommendation to build a new pedestrian footpath along the western side of the Channel Highway at Kettering. The proposed concrete footpath is part of the Kettering Recreational Walkway Plan  which was drafted in 2010 and received in-principle support by Councillors at the December meeting. 

The Autumn 2012 edition of the Heart Foundation Walking Newsletter features the Kettering Walking group.  They get a mention in the editorial and their hike to Cloudy Bay  features in the body of the newsletter.  Not bad recognition when you consider that there are 1,200 Heart Foundation walking groups around the country. 

Most people would be well aware of  Tasmania's iconic and challenging Three Peaks Race.  Well did you know that the Kettering Yacht Club has previously conducted a Three Pubs Race.  The Channel Discovery Race held  this morning as a pre-cursor to the Club's Annual award dinner is described on their website as “a mild re-enactment of the traditional KYC Three Pubs Race.  A runner will be needed to go ashore at (probably) the Gordon Jetty, Peppermint Bay and finally up to the KYC Club rooms and drink a beer at each point”.  Unfortunately, entries were already closed at the time of going to press.

A letter jointly signed by Kettering Walkers, Kettering Community Association and Friends of Kettering has been sent to Council to enlist their support to have the speed limit on the Channel Highway through Kettering reduced to 50 Km/h.  A request to DIER last year was knocked back.  If it's good enough for Hobart . . .

The Kettering Community Association is seeking a grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund to construct a new bridge over the creek which separates the Kettering Oval from the Oyster Cove Marina.  Last year KCA was successful in seeking a grant from Kingborough Council to fund an upgrade to the Kettering Oval walking track.  The proposed new bridge will allow the removal of the ageing timber structure installed some twenty years ago by Kettering volunteers.  It will link the newly upgraded Oval Track with developments at the Oyster Cove Marina  thereby providing safe pedestrian access through to Ferry Road.  Initial applications for the grant close on 4 April with a shortlist expected to be published in May this year.

Minister for Infrastructure, David O'Byrne, visited Kettering this morning.  He was responding to an invitation by Kettering Heart Foundation Walking Group co-ordinator, Elspeth Haughie, to view first-hand the lack of safe pedestrian access along the Channel Highway at Kettering.

The lack of safe pedestrian access along the Channel Highway at Kettering  is clearly evident as this motorist takes evasive action.

DIER has recently granted permission for Council to construct a concrete pavement on the western side of the Channel Highway between Saddle Road and Selby Road. Construction is expected to commence in April and be completed in June. The Kettering Walkers Group was instrumental in convincing Council to commit to this footpath.  Their objective in inviting the Minister to Kettering  was to enlist his support for the provision of a safe walking track between Selby Road and Oxleys Road.

Ray and Elspeth Haughie represented the Kettering Walkers Group and were ably supported by Kingborough Council's Urban Planner, Kristine Ancher. Kristine was responsble for developing Council's endorsed Kettering Recreational Walkway Plan 2010 and was able to explain the specific details of the plan to Mr O'Byrne as the group followed the prospective route from Selby Road to just south of the Ferry Road junction.

Kingborough Council's Kristine Ancher points out the need for a safe pedestrian linkage between Ferry Road and the Channel Highway

The key elements discussed were:

  • an elevated footpath be constructed over the drain between Selby Road and Corbys Road;
  • use of fill from the Ferry Road upgrade to build up and grade the land along the Old Channel Highway south of Corbys Road;
  • a section of footpath from the southern end of the armco at the Ferry Road junction to link with the bus stop at Oxleys Road; and,
  • a pedestrian refuge crossing the highway to link with the proposed footpath on the southern side of Ferry Road.

The Minister was impressed when told of the high level of community involvement in the recently completed upgrade to the Kettering Oval Track.  He wished the Kettering Community Association every success with plans to seek a Tasmanian Community Fund grant to construct a new bridge linking the Oval Track to the Little Oyster Cove waterfont via the Oyster Cove Marina.

(l to r) Ray Haughie, Elspeth Haughie (Kettering Walkers), Minister for Infrastructure – David O'Byrne, Kristine Ancher (Kingborough Council), Simon Monk (Minister's Infrastructure Adviser)

Following the Minister's visit, Elspeth said “I'm delighted with how supportive and positive he was.  It was great to have Kristine along to  explain Council's plans. Hopefully today's visit will mark another positive step towards providing Kettering with safe pedestrian linkages and bringing the Kettering Recreational Walkway Plan closer to fruition”.

Note:  A copy of the Kettering Recreational Walkway Plan can be downloaded here. (2Mb PDF)