Friends of Kettering


Friends of Kettering is an association of residents who join together to contribute to the maintenance and development of the area as a good place for residents and visitors.

This is a non-profit organisation which exists for the benefit of the community.

In general Friends of Kettering operates by monthly meetings which are held in the homes of members. It generally operates informally, with decisions made by consensus through discussion, rather than by ballot following debate. However, more formal processes may be appropriate in some circumstances.

While the principal means of operation is monthly, face-to-face meetings this is supplemented by an email discussion list and occasional special meetings.

Membership and attendance

Membership is by invitation. Members may bring a resident of the Kettering area as a guest or prospective member. After attending two meetings a guest may be invited to join.

There may be occasions when Friends of Kettering facilitates public meetings which are open to non-members.

The association’s year starts at its AGM in October. Friends is an association of active participants. Members are expected to attend at least six meetings a year, although allowance is made for exceptional circumstances.

In the event of a vote only people who are present and have been members for at least two months have voting rights. A quorum of ten is required.

The Chair and/or Secretary may invite individuals and officials from outside the area as guests to a meeting.


The agenda for each regular meeting is distributed in advance by email. Any member may propose to the Secretary or Chair that a matter be placed on the agenda.

Generally all matters raised by members are discussed but on occasion, where a matter is complex, there is inadequate time, or it seems appropriate to have other people involved, the Chair may recommend to members that the matter be deferred to another meeting.


Minutes of meetings are not confidential. The minutes are circulated to other organizations as agreed to by the membership.

Membership database and discussion system

Members only are included on the membership database and email discussion system.

It is a convention of the organisation that correspondence distributed by the email discussion system is for the information of the intended participants and is not to be published for wider distribution.


Vice Chair                     Val Brown                     62674881

Secretary                      Pam Groves                  62674926

Minutes Secretary          Jean Taylor                   62674870