Kettering Walkers

Elspeth Haughie - Convener Kettering Heart Foundation Walkers

The Merry Wanderer

The Kettering Walkers are registered as a walking group with the Heart Foundation.

The group meets Wednesdays and Fridays. Start time is 8.00am at the Kettering Community Hall or the corner of Selby Road and the Channel Highway.

Wednesday’s walk is a choice of the many around the area; anywhere between 60 – 90 minutes. Friday walk is about 8 kms and is called “the training circuit”; the Saddle/Groombridge/Oxleys Road circuit. Participants can walk the whole circuit or as much as they choose.

Other shorter, flattish routes might include:

  • Saddle Road – across the old recreation Ground – return vis Watsons Road
  • Kettering Oval Track
  • Kettering Point Track

On ocassions extended walks may take in:

  • Manuka Hills Tracks
  • Kettering Point Track then round to Trial Bay and back along the highway
  • Watsons Road return

Membership doesn’t mean you have to turn up every day or every week – just come and enjoy a good walk and keep fit and healthy.

Since its formation in 2010 the group has experienced substantial membership growth.  Our three Walk Organisers can arrange walks catering to all ages and abilities.

For more information or to register to join please contact any of the  Walk Organisers:

  • Elspeth Haughie on 6267 4642
  • Sue Hoyle on 6267 4837
  • Shona Taylor 6267 4819

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Happy walkers at South Cape Bay

Walkers on Bruny

The benefits of walking include:

  • Reducing risk of developing heart disease and stroke
  • Helping manage weight, blood pressure and cholesterol problems
  • Reducing the effects of stress
  • improving self esteem and mental health
  • Is low impact (less jarring on the joints)