Artwork created by Farid Fadel

Streams in the Desert

The official World Day of Prayer 2014 is on 7 March 2014.

Combined local churches will be celebrating the event  at Woodbridge Uniting Church on Friday March 14th commencing  11:00 am.

This year the service themed “Streams in the Desert” comes from troubled Egypt, and takes a child friendly  look at this ancient, mysterious country.

The school choir from Woodbridge will bring songs and there will be colourful lotuses, feluccas, pyramids and the majestic Nile, bringing water to the desert.

Morning tea will include Egyptian Lemon and Honey Cake, and children may take home a small pyramid to be made up  -helped by parents!  Parents and visitors are most welcome.

Ken Holbert's shed at Oyster Cove Marina

Photo courtesy ABC Local:Fred Hooper

Ken Holbert is something of a legend around Oyster Cove Marina.  He’s lived on his boat in the marina for over fifteen years. He also has his own “heritage-listed” shed.

For more about Ken complete with pictures and an audio interview visit ABC Local.

Spindly gum trees on Ferry Road, Kettering

Spared the arborists axe

After removing almost all the trees on the water side of Ferry Road as part of the current upgrade project, DIER appear to have spared four unlikely survivors from a small copse of ten spindly gum trees adjacent to the entrance to the public wharf at Kettering.

But is this a good thing?

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Ferry Road Junction with Channel Highway

Drivers approaching from Woodbridge get false instructions

These signs at the junction of Ferry Road and the Channel Highway have become a little contorted. Perhaps they rotated during the recent hurricane?

When this picture was taken motorists approaching from Woodbridge were being directed to Give Way to cars entering the Highway from Ferry Road. Ferry Road drivers in small cars have found themselves looking straight at a large Keep Left sign obscuring approaching southbound traffic.

An enterprising local has re-aligned the signage in the manner it was intended and reported the problem to DIER.  A maintenance crew is to be dispatched to ensure the pole is secured in the ground and that the signs are unable to rotate independently.

Can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs

The road to Bruny Island

Despite a frantic election campaign, Premier Lara Giddings found time to attend a public meeting at Kettering yesterday evening.  The meeting was organised by the Kettering Community Association. As well as the unexpected appearance by the Premier, a good turn out of locals was pleased to welcome Kingborough Councillors Grace, McGinniss and Wass (in his capacity as acting Mayor).

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Welcome to Kettering sign north of village on Channel Highway

Entering Kettering from the north

Thanks Kingborough Council for the  new signs to welcome folks to Kettering. The signs are located on the Channel Highway, north and south of the village.  They feature a photograph taken from Manuka Road looking across Little Oyster Cove to the Bruny Island Ferry with yachts sailing on the D’Entrecastreaux Channel and Fluted Cape in the distance.

We wanted to include a reference to this website on the sign but DIER say this not within standards because it would be too distracting! Oh well . . .

Sign advertising Pink Stumps Breast Cancer Awareness fund-raiser

Come along and make a contribution

The Kettering Mariners Cricket Club invite you to support the McGrath Foundation by joining them for their match on 22 February at the Kettering Oval. Match starts at 11.00am and a BBQ and raffles will ensue. Priority queue for the BBQ for those wearing pink.