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Website Redevelopment

As a consequence of a web server update, the Kettering Tasmania website completely failed. This was due to a WordPress theme that is no longer maintained and that was broken by the server update.

Because replacing the theme turned out to be difficult, the website is being redeveloped using a more conventional structure. If you are looking for something that is missing, let the webmaster know.

Coming events

  KCA Meeting - Tim and Pam Nossiter  
Thursday 5 October 2023, 7pm
Kettering Community Hall

Ordinary meeting then Tim and Pam Nossiter will talk about their many years at the Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre, afloat and ashore.

Phone 0402 118 548 or Email

  Net Zero Channel meeting  
Tuesday 10 October 2023, 7pm-0am
Kettering Community Hall

Meeting to review Net Zero Channel's recent and future activities, particularly the new, 'Electrify my Community' project.

Phone 0433 114 223 or Email

  Kettering Concert: Collins, Yemtsov and Morrison  
Sunday 15 October 2023, 3pm
Kettering Community Hall

Susan Collins (violin) will be returning to Kettering to perform piano trios together with Alexey Yemtsov (piano) and Peter Morrison (cello). The programme includes trios by Joaquin Turina, Clara Schumann, and Bedřich Smetana.

More details here. or Phone 0428 674 852 or Email

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